5 Ways To Manage Diabetes

Diabetes is a chronic condition which can affect the entire body. It is not like other diseases where you only rely on professional treatments, but diabetes treatment requires active participation who has it. You can live an enjoyable life by managing it.


1.Regular sugar check:

If you have diabetes then it is highly recommended that you check your sugar on regular basis. There are lots of devices available in the market under different brand names for sugar check. Regular checking helps you to more aware of your sugar level.


 2.Do not skip or neglect your meal:

In diabetes, it is not advisable to ignore your meals. Your diet should be as per your body requirements and suggested by your doctor or dietician. To skip your meal is harmful to your body.


3.Start a day with seasonal fruit and almonds and walnuts:

After passing the whole night it is not advisable to stay hungry in the morning. You can start your day with one seasonal fruit and almonds and walnuts. It will fulfill your vitamins and minerals requirements.


4.Exercise regularly:

Weight training is extremely important in people with diabetes. Doing weight training can help in maintaining a healthy blood sugar level in the body and also reducing the dose of the medicine. Exercising also release important compound endorphins which are responsible for boost your mood. Consider exercise as a medicine.


5.Balanced diet:

You should avoid high carb food as it rides your sugar level very high. That’s why it is important to keep track. So you should plan accordingly. Fiber is Important in sugar control. Your overall intake should be healthy and balanced suggested by your dietician.


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