Important minerals for the human body

Important minerals for the human body



Role: composition of hemoglobin and metabolism

Source: red meat, liver, shellfish, egg yolk, green vegetables, enriched grains, and lentils



Role: synthesis of steroidal hormones

Source: sea salt, iodized table salt, fish, shellfish, algae



Role: metabolism, antioxidant

Source: shellfish, fish, whole grains, nuts



Role: strong bones and teeth, nerve transmission, muscle function

Source: milk products, vegetables like broccoli, cabbage



Role: helps the body in maintaining heart rhythm, build proteins, use carbohydrates, maintain pH

Source: beef, fish, chicken, cantaloupe, potatoes, tomatoes and beans.



Role: helps the body in maintaining correct fluid levels in cells, support absorption of other nutrients,

Source: salt



Role: Supports muscle and nerve function, boosts immunity, regulates heart beating

Source: beans, nuts, whole grains, green vegetables



Role: Builds strong bones and teeth, repairs cells, produces proteins

Source: dairy foods, whole grains, meat



Role: balances fluids in the body, essential role in the production of digestive juices


10.Traces of minerals

Chromium, manganese, cobalt, copper, selenium, fluorine etc. are other minerals which body needs in small amounts but at the same time, these are also important for human body.



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