10 Benefits of Aloe Vera


Aloe Vera is considered as nature’s silent healer. In India, it is used as a traditional medicine of skin diseases, infections, and constipation. It is also a natural remedy for colic. In the western world, it is widely used in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and food industries.


Is it harmful to apply aloe vera gel on your skin?

No. Applying Aloe vera gel on the skin does not cause any harm.

Why do people prefer to drink Aloe vera juice?

It is not harmful and it has lots of health benefits.

Why does it act like a laxative?

The outer leaf pulp of Aloe leaves, known as the latex, contains anthraquinones. Aloin is an example of an anthraquinone found in the latex that may give the plant its laxative qualities.


Nutritional facts of Aloe vera


  • It contains antioxidant vitamins A, C and E — plus vitamin B12, folic acid and choline.
  • Enzymes like  aliiase, alkaline phosphatase, amylase, bradykinase, carboxypeptidase, catalase, cellulase, lipase and peroxidase.
  • Contains minerals such as calcium, copper, selenium, chromium, manganese, magnesium, potassium, sodium and zinc.
  • Contains the hormones called auxins and gibberellins, which are helpful in healing wounds and have anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Contains fatty acids, all provide an anti-inflammatory result.
  • Contains sugars such as monosaccharides (glucose and fructose) and polysaccharides



These are some major benefits of Aloe vera.



  1. Prevents illness

  2. Eases heartburn

  3. Treats Constipation

  4. Aids in detox

  5. Cures acne

  6. Repairs skin

  7. Lowers sugar level in diabetics

  8. Reduces pain

  9. Boosts immunity

  10. Provides antioxidants



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