Printable 1 Page Diet and Fitness Planner

When we keep our daily work schedule then why not to keep a food journal. If you are serious about losing weight then you should keep a food journal.

One Study shows that dieters who keep food journals are much more likely to follow their diet than those who don’t keep.


If you want to lose weight then use this printable diet log and record food intake and keep track of calories.

It is simple and easy to maintain your food log. It is the best idea if you hung it on a fridge or upper wall of your desktop pc.


If you keep this food log and maintain it properly then gradually it becomes your habit and you yourself find out where you are lacking or what correction is to be done in your diet pattern.

Here are two simple 1 page printable Food Journal and Workout Planner. You can download it from the below link.


Download (PDF, 67KB)

Download (PDF, 38KB)




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