New Year Resolutions for Fitness and Good Health

“Make a healthy lifestyle”, This is the most common goal one wants to achieve in the new year. Healthy lifestyle connects to a healthier weight and if you are overweight then you should focus on losing weight.

Studies suggest that people do not stick to their goals or resolution during the year because they are not realistic and specific.

If you want transformation in your body, you have to make a realistic and specific goal for you. There are some scientifically proven resolution ideas which will give you fitness and good health.

Here are some of the most realistic fitness resolutions.


1. Walk/run 5 km

This is one of the easiest and realistic resolutions for the new year to stick for round the year. Even beginner can start it. Choose a convenient time from your schedule and follow it on regular basis. It helps you to lose your weight.


2. Drink more water.

It is time to say goodbye to aerated drinks in the new year and replace it with water. Minimum 8 glass of water is necessary to feel you good and energetic. It also helps to lose weight and improves kidney function.


3. Walk more and avoid sedentary life

It is always advisable to move/ walk frequently during the day. A sedentary lifestyle makes you sick. So avoid long hours sitting and time to time move.


4. Stretch out yourself

Do stretching exercise once in a day. It flexes your muscle and reduces joints pain. It also improves your overall flexibility.


5. Eat more fruits

Increase fruits portion in your diet. Our body needs different vitamins and minerals, fruits can fulfill this need and help you feel energetic and healthy.


6. Join Gym

For specific weightloss and bodybuilding goals you have to join a gym and do workouts as per your trainer.


7. Meditate and get good sleep

Nowadays people have a more stressful life and it leads to a sleeping disorder. For better mental health, It is necessary to have a good sleep and stress-free life. Here meditation techniques can help you.



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