How to Cut Down on Sugar?

Sugars do present naturally in foods such as dairy, fruits, but we are not going into these types of sugars.


To keep track of how much sugar you are consuming is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, especially if you are a diabetic of pre-diabetic.


Sugars are added to foods like cakes, biscuits, shakes, chocolate, juices, cold drinks etc. These ADDED SUGARS are very dangerous and need to be avoided.


ADDED SUGARS in foods contain lots of calories, so eating these sugars lead to weight gain and other issues related to it.


These sugary foods contain calories but lack in other important nutrients. To maintain a healthy life one should eat these sugary foods once in a while. Our body needs a balanced diet on a regular basis and major chunks of the calories and energy should come from a healthy and nutritional diet.


An Extra ADDED SUGAR can cause tooth decay whereas sugars found in the fruits are less likely to cause tooth decay.


A study shows that children and adults consume more sugar than is recommended. Free sugar recommended intake set by WHO is 10% of total energy intake. (1)


These are the following steps to cut down sugar intake.


  • Take fresh fruits instead of cakes, pie, cookies and other sweetened snacks.


  • Cut the amount of sugar you add on coffee, tea, and other beverages.


  • Drink pain soda instead of SUGAR ADDED aerated cold drinks. 500 ml cola bottle contains 17 cubes of sugar.


  • Always read the food label properly and only go for less sugar as an ingredient of the product. If you found ADDED SUGAR on the label then avoid it.


  • Instead of spreading jam or honey on the bread, try low-fat spread or sliced fruits.


  • Syrups are very high in sugar content. Do not use it frequently.


  • Wholegrain breakfast is good but not sugar-coated.


  • Use spices instead of sugar to enhance the taste.

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