Unintentional and Unexplained Weight Loss

When a person is not trying to lose weight, and he notices a sudden drop in his weight is known as unexplained and unintentional weight loss. It is not because of exercise, diet control or lifestyle change.


It is an alarming situation if you see noticeable, unexplained and sudden weight loss. It may due to serious illness. One should not neglect this condition and always find out its cause. (1)


Not all weight loss is alarming or serious. If one passes through stressful events then it is common. For example,  relationship disputes, job-related issues etc. Counseling and family support may help to come out from this stage.


How much weight loss is a concern?


Unexplained 10 pounds(4.5 KG) or 5% weight loss within 6 to 10 months is a cause of concern and you should consult your doctor.



What are the causes of unexplained and unintentional weight loss? 


These are some of the major diseases which are responsible for unexplained weight loss. (2)


  • Cancer

  • AIDS

  • Diabetes

  • Rheumatoid arthritis

  • Overactive or underactive thyroid gland

  • Endocarditis

  • Addison’s disease

  • Depression

  • Drug abuse

  • Celiac disease

  • Bowel disease

  • TB

  • Undiagnosed eating disorder

  • Gastrointestinal problems


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