Its summer: Get your summer diet plan ready!

Are your bulky and heavy body restrict you to go into the pool in summer?


No need to worry!


Then prepare yourself and get ready to lose your extra pounds. Get back to shape.


Food interests change from a high-calorie diet of winter to low-calorie diet in summer. It is also a natural tendency to eat light food during summer and you feel light.

Always remember …go for moderation, not Starvation


Restrict extra calories and there is no need to starve yourself.

Cut down portion size – Lose weight naturally


Over the last few decades, our food portion size has increased drastically and so have our body weight. (1)


Finally, it is up to us to change our food habits.


What you can do is to cut down the portion size of your every meal. It will naturally help you to lose weight.

Drink water


Keep your body hydrated. People consume more aerated drinks. But the water is the best choice. It keeps your body cool and keeps you hydrated. Lime juice is also a good option to fulfill thirst and restrict during summer.

Eat Fruits and Vegetables


Summer is the season of a variety of fruits and vegetables. You can fulfill your hunger with them. Avoid extra sugar fruit smoothies. Watermelons, tomatoes, cherries, blueberries, strawberries are among few favorite fruits during the summer season.

Consume more curd, yogurt, and buttermilk


All these three options help you to keep your body cool and also restrict extra calories.

Eat Salads


Add different salads to your diet so that you can cut down the main course naturally. It is very healthy as it contains more vitamins and minerals.

Always go for fresh food in summer


Food is getting spoilt easily during summer due to too much heat. And if you consume spoilt food then you may have food poisoning or other issues. So always go for fresh fruits during summer.


Avoid fried foods during summer

Avoid stored cooked food

Get more physical(activities) during summer

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