Healthy Indian Snacks for Diabetes

Diabetes is a progressive disease. If you can’t control it then serious and chronic condition arises.


You have to control and manage your sugar level if you are suffering from diabetes. And for better diabetes management you have to rely on low-carb, low-fat and low-sugar food.


One good option is available for you is healthy Indian snacks. They are rich in spices and carbs so ultimately they keep your craving down and helps in managing diabetes.


Fruits and vegetables are the best options for diabetes.  But if you wish to try something else then remember one thing- it should be of low-fat, low-carb and low-sugar food. So choose your snacks wisely.  (1)


In this article, we will see some of the Indian food options available for diabetic people.


1.Roasted Snacks


If you are diabetic, you will notice that you will start craving during the evening time. One hast to avoid fried foods. Roasted snacks are good options for evening snacks.


Roasted jowar, chickpeas, moong, bajra, etc. are some roasted items available online.






Nuts are very nutritious and nowadays highly recommended by doctors. They are rich in protein and low in carbohydrates. So for diabetic people, it is a good source protein.


It should not be with sugar-coated.  Almonds and walnuts are the best options in this category.


3.Karela Chips(Bitter gourd chips)


Sometimes you feel to munch something and if you have diabetes then you have to take care. Karela chips are low-carb and low-sugar snacks. It has a very high hypoglycemic compound, so it helps to control blood sugar levels.




Oats are also one of the best snacking options for diabetic patients. It is low in glycemic index.


Oats are fiber-rich and they have a quality to lower the cholesterol.


Items like idly,  upma,  dhokla made from oats are considered as healthy snacks. Even roasted oats are also available online.


5.Paneer (cottage cheese) and moong dal(split yellow gram) chilla


Chilla is like pancake type preparation in India. It is very tasty and easy to cook.  Due to high protein content, one can consider it for diabetic snacks. You can easily find a recipe for it on youtube.


6.Makhana (lotus seeds)


Makhanas are low in calories.  They have a very low glycemic index so they can be used to manage blood sugar level.  Makhanas are also high in protein and fiber. One should it in the right quantity to maintain the blood sugar level.


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