Glucomannan – Can Glucomannan Help You Lose Weight?


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If you are on a weight loss program then you have to really work hard and to achieve the desired goal, it requires dedication and consistency.


Nowadays, there are lots of supplements and pills are available in the market, claiming immediate results.


Glucomannan is one of them. It is a natural dietary fiber and considered an effective weight-loss supplement.


In this article, we will try to explore whether this claim is right and whether one should opt for it.



What Is Glucomannan?


Konjac plant is found throughout Asia and it is also native to Asia. A substance called glucomannan is extracted from a tuber-like part of this konjac plant, that grows underneath. Konjac is also known as elephant yam and “suran” in India.


Glucomannan is a starchy corm and its a rich source of soluble dietary fiber.  In China, it is been used as medicine. Japanese people are also using this yam for shirataki(noodles). In India its been use as a vegetable dish.



In the western world, glucomannan is known as a dietary supplement for weight loss. It is available as powder, capsules, and tablets in the market. glucomannan is used for weight loss, constipation, diabetes, high blood pressure, and gastrointestinal disorder.


Glucomannan is also used as a gelatin substitute to thicken the food as a gelling agent.


Can glucomannan aid weight loss?


As mentioned above,  glucomannan is water-soluble dietary fiber.


There are several favorable points that make glucomannan as a weight loss supplement.


  • As it is water-soluble fiber it occupies space in the stomach and promotes fullness(satiety), so it is but natural that you will reduce your meal accordingly.
  • It is low in calories.
  • It improves your gut system.


There are several studies show that regular intake of glucomannan in obese person result in significant weight loss glucomannan is very viscous in nature, and this quality makes it exceptionally effective in weight loss. (1) , (2)


Studies show that glucomannan has no effect on weight loss if it consumes after a meal. So if you want to reduce weight then try to have it before a meal. As it is water-soluble fiber, it will expand in the intestine and ultimately person feels fullness and eat less.  (3)


Other Health Benefits


Glucomannan is water-soluble fiber and it builds bulk in the intestine which is helpful in following medical conditions.



  • There were at least fourteen studies conducted and the outcome of these studies show that the use of glucomannan significantly reduced total cholesterol level. (4)


-Total cholesterol by 19mg/dL

– Bad-LDLcholesterol by 16 mg/dL

-Triglycerides by 11mg/dL


  • Glucomannan contains soluble fiber and soluble fiber can help to improve digestion. There are several studies conducted and it shows that it can be used as an ideal therapeutic supplement in the management of chronic constipation. So one can consider it as a natural constipation remedy. (4) , (5)



  • As per the above research, glucomannan may help to lower the risk of developing heart disease and type-2 diabetes. Studies show a transient drop in blood sugar level but no major effect on HbA1c. (6)

-Drop-in Fasting blood sugar by 7.4 mg/dL


Side effects

Glucomannan supplements are considered safe when they have taken as prescribed.

Like most fiber products it also may cause digestive problems such as:

  • gas
  • diarrhea or loose stools
  • abdominal pain
  • nausea
  • Bloating

Furthermore, glucomannan may expand before reaching the stomach. And it may lead to choking of the throat or esophagus. So it is advisable to wash it properly with water before using it.


Bottom line: 

If you want to lose weight then mere use of glucomannan only will not help you. You have to consider lifestyle change and weight loss strategy otherwise it does not work. Glucomannan may help in weight loss but it will not work miracles on its own.

There are various glucomannan supplements available online.


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