How Did Naturopathy Help Me to Lose Weight in One Week?

If you are obese and you are looking for an easy weight loss method then, believe me, there are no such shortcuts available for you. One has to consider lifestyle change or modification, diet changes and working out as well for a good weight loss program. In this whole process, you have to watch that program should not harm your body.


Obesity is associated with potential health hazards and leads to hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, etc.


Considering the above facts, one of the safest and natural way to lose weight is to go on a natural diet and naturopathy is one of the most effective ways to lose weight. (1) , (2)


Naturopathy believes in the concept of cure with nature means nature is the greatest healer and any human body has its own healing power to prevent disease and gain good health.



How did I start with naturopathy for weight loss?


Obesity makes you feel uncomfortable and it invites other unwanted diseases. What I wanted was the result and that was weight reduction.


Furthermore, in naturopathy, it focuses on the whole body not just on diseases. It may cure patients’ chronic ailments in comparatively lesser time than any other branch of medicine. (3)


I started searching for top naturopathy centers in India. I had shortlisted a few among them. Then I approached them for booking availability and program details. You have to fill-up the form given by them and have to describe them all the medical details of yours. They may ask you to come with recent medical reports. You can find some of the best naturopathy centers in my earlier blog.


As soon as you got into the center the team of naturopathy doctors started analyzing your medical reports and after the question-answer session, they planned your whole schedule from day one itself. As I went for weight reduction they planned my program accordingly.


Naturopathy provides effective and permanent weight loss which includes a healthy diet and lifestyle modification. If you are seriously considering naturopathy for weight loss then go for at least 21 days of program as it would be more effective. (4)



Day 1 to 7


Early morning 5:30 am you have to wake up and by 6 am you have to present in central yoga hall. The first kriya, yoga teacher taught us was Nose cleansing ( Jal Neti )through neti pot.

Jal Neti is an ancient technique used by yogis to stay disease-free in those days. As you do brush for dental cleanliness the same way Jal Neti is nasal hygiene. It clears the nasal tract, right from nostrils to the throat.



After that, there was a yoga session for an hour and fifteen minutes. In this session, they put emphasis on whole-body yoga. Ardh mastyandresan, baddh konasan, vashistasana, etc are some of them. Pranayam was also included in the session. The whole session was of asanas and while doing in combination with pranayama it gives optimal results.


Yoga is more than an exercise, it gives inner peace and joyful state of mind. It also helps to elevate the mind.


After completing this yoga session, I was given one small bowl of curd with fenugreek seeds(9-10).  And one portion seasonal fruit. As I visited this place in winter, daily different fruit was given to me with fix single portion limit in breakfast.


From 8:30 am to 9:30 am I used to walk for at least five to six kilometers. Although this was not compulsory, I did so as there was free time.  Then you were allowed to your room and complete your bath and other activities.


At 11:30 am there was lunchtime and I had to be at the central mess with all other people. Chef gave one by one meal to everybody with their specific requirement suggested by doctors. I was given one full fruits plate which included different types of five to six seasonal fruits, like apple, guava, carrot, musk melon, orange, papaya, etc. The portion was fixed if you ask them for more then they would certainly deny you with a gentle smile. The following image gives you more clarity about my lunch. Apart from this fruit plate, a glass of buttermilk was also given to me.




12:30 pm to 3 pm you are free to rest or you can read books in the library area, do other recreational activities or just spend time with other colleagues.


3 pm they give you a call and you can have green tea at a central mess. After that, you have to move towards their therapy zone. Here every candidate was given different therapies on a daily basis. But the common for all is mud pack therapy for 30 mins. In this therapy, they replace a cool mud pack with warm one after 15 mins. It dilutes toxic substances from the body and eliminates them from the body. Then different two massages and therapies were given to me on a daily basis. These therapies are given below.



  • Sun Bath, Colour Sun Bath (Chromo Bath),
  • Green Leaves Sun Bath
  • Hot & Cold Fomentation
  • Wet Sheet Pack, Chest Pack, Abdomen Pack, Trunk Pack
  • Knee Pack, Neck Pack, Wet Girdle Pack
  • Enema-Warm Water.
  • Circular Jet Bath
  • Colon Irrigation
  • Deluxe Hydro Massage, Jacuzzi
  • Hot and Cold Water Douches, Effusions
  • Whirlpool Bath
  • Under Water Exercises
  • Magnet Therapy
  • Hot lava stone massage
  • Reflexology
  • Physiotherapy Treatments – Exercise Therapy,


All those therapies are so relaxing and responsible for detoxification and boosting your metabolism.


These are the possible benefits of naturopathy in various medical condition. You can have detailed related to these therapies on Ayush website.


  • Helps in pain relief
  • No more frequent bouts of flu, cold and other common ailments
  • Discover long-term solutions to chronic ailments that cannot be cured by other systems of medicine
  • Slows down the process of degenerative diseases
  • Helps in Obesity / Weight Loss
  • Achieves overall fitness
  • Quick recovery
  • The increases energy level of the body
  • Identifies and maintains balance both emotionally and physically
  • Reduces the level of stress and get a better feeling.


After this therapy session at 5:30 pm again you have to report in the yoga room. The evening session is 30 mins only.


6 pm to 6:30 pm you are free to walk at your own pace. Evening walk in winter is always exciting. And thanks to my smartwatch which counted steps of the whole day I walked. I walked around 12k to 13k steps nearly 10 km of distance(approx) on a daily basis.


Dinner time was at 6:45 pm onwards and the menu is pre-decided by the doctors for each candidate individually. I was given different soups before the meal. Those were tomato- carrot, palak-corn, drumstick soups. For soups they were liberal and I was allowed to take one more bowl. The night meal was the same as lunchtime for me with some change in seasonal fruits. But the portion was fixed. I was not allowed to ask for more.


I was on diet therapy. In naturopathy, diet therapy has three kind, eliminative diet, soothing diet, and constructive diet. As per my diet plan I was on an eliminative and soothing diet.



  • Eliminative Diet: Liquids-Lemon, Citric juices, Tender Coconut water, Vegetable soups, Buttermilk, Wheat Grass juices, etc.
  • Soothing Diet: Fruits, Salads, Boiled/Steamed Vegetables, Sprouts, Vegetable chutney, etc.
  • Constructive Diet: Wholesome flour, Unpolished rice, little pulses, Sprouts, Curd, etc.



In naturopathy, food is regarded as medicine. And our diet should consist of at least 80 percent of alkaline food. Remember one thing, balanced food is a must for good health.


After completion of dinner, the evening meditation session was conducted by chief from 8 pm to 8:30 pm. As there is no direct link between meditation and weight loss but it is well accepted that you become more clear in your thoughts and actions, including those related to food.


Naturopathy cures all the aspects like physical, mental, social and spiritual at the same time. So I would advise you not to skip this session and give equal importance to it. Mindfulness meditation can be useful for your weight loss plan.


Meditation, especially mindfulness meditation, can be a useful part of your weight loss plan. Even healthyfyme people also indicates that meditation can help in weight loss.


Bottom line:


I spent almost a week at this naturopathy center and what transformation I gained was absolutely phenomenal. Although I was eating only fruits during the program, I did not feel starve on a single day. I lost my weight almost 3kg  and moreover, I started feeling better, energetic more focused and stress-free from inside. All such weight loss programs are generally of 21 days and I would personally recommend to go for longer days, have time with yourself and transform yourself in a positive direction.



Disclaimer: The information given in this article is not a medical substitute. Please do not follow blindly. Consult your doctor before doing any such program. Any health concern or condition should be addressed by a doctor or other appropriate health care professional. All information is intended to motivate readers to make their own nutrition and health decisions after consulting with their health care provider.


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