Rakshabandhan And Independence Day: Health Tips


The Indian festivals are about to start knocking your doors. In India, festivals are more about food. All the festivals have different specialties in the food category.


This year Rakshabandhan and Indian independence day are coming together and so the joy is double for the people. Raksha Bandhan is the festival in which we celebrate love and emotional bond between brother and sister. Every Indian household celebrates this festival. And lots of sweets and gifts exchange during this festival.


In India, sugary sweets like laddoos, peda, gujiya, etc and fried items are the most popular among people in the festival. Over-consumption of such unhealthy food is very common during Indian festivals and it is not good at all for your health. And if you are diabetic then you have to take care more, because it will increase your blood sugar level.


In this article, we will see some diet tips during festival days. The following are some of them.


1. Control your portion size. Do not skip any meal. Have all three meals.


2. Control on sweets. Do not eat too much.


3. Control sweetened and aerated drink. Drink in moderation.


4. Avoid deep-fried foods.


5. Stay hydrated.


6. Don’t eat everything in front of you and offered to you.


7. Avoid alcohol consumption. Do not drink with an empty stomach. (1)


8. Avoid night time munchings.


9. Avoid all pre-packaged desserts.


10. Instead of having sweets and salted snacks have unsalted nuts and figs.


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Rishi Surti

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